My Learning Experince

   Our reading focused on many topics. Some of these included honoring a student’s name, writing personal stories to connect children’s school lives to their home life, chair placement, and more. Some main point it wanted us to focus on was being engaged. The book talked a lot about keeping students engaged. They gave ways to do this such as taking students out of the classrooms, creating projects, doing debates, showing videos, and more. The book also talked about honoring a student’s name and not disconnecting a student from their culture. It’s important to honor a student’s name because their parents gave them a name for a reason. It most likely has a lot of history behind it. So to mispronounce or to give a student a nickname is basically undermining the parent that took the time to name them. It also tells the student their name is not important. The book also talked about the importance of arranging a classroom and student placement in the classroom. The way you arrange a classroom can be efficient in the way students interact with other students and the teacher. If a student decides to sit in the front they will be more engaged, ready to learn, and answer questions. If a student is sitting in the back their most likely trying to hide and avoid questions.

Although we had many topics we could have presented. My group chose to focus on the importance of respect in classrooms, why the classroom is set up, and the 12 strategies to help teachers get through their first year. With respect, we wanted to show how much power a teacher has over a student and how to use it respectfully. In a class we expect students to not talk while others are talking, complete their work, and focus while the teacher is talking. In return, our students expect us to respect their time and to treat them respectfully.  Our group also wanted to show the way of setting up a classroom to engage the class. We also wanted them to make a connection between why they sat where they sat. Last we want to explain the most important part of the 12 strategies to survive as a new teacher. We focused on these things because we thought it was the most important and because they would help our class better prepare for their future classrooms. Since we had time restraints we were not able to hit on all of the subjects we learned. 

For our day of teaching, we wanted to keep our class engaged because it was a very important part of our reading. To do this we created a slide, a video, and activities. We used our slides to help keep the order of the activities we had planned and to highlight our most important facts. Our video focused on the importance of a bulletin board in classrooms. The bulletin board helped students feel more a part of the class. Last we created activities. The activities included a whiteboard activity where we had students use sticky notes to state what they liked about a sitting arrangement and what they didn’t. We did this because the book talked about how student placement impacted their learning. While doing these activities students explained what they did and didn’t like about the sitting arrangements. With certain sit assignments, we found that students liked it because they could talk to their peers more and it was great for group work. For some sitting arrangements, we found that students believed it was too formal and boring. Another activity we did was a poll text activity. Where we asked students questions based on the reading and the video. 

To help with our project me and a partner created a 12-question agree or disagree game. We came up with 12 questions based on “The new teacher Book ” section called 12 suggestions for new teachers.  Our questions focused on things such as being taught about social justice, being considered smart, respect, preferences on ways of being engaged, and more.  We wanted to show them the connection between the way they were taught and how they could teach others. For example one of my questions asked “ When you were in lower grades did you get a phone call home for good behavior”. The book talked about creating a connection with students outside of the classroom. But growing up most students didn’t receive that.

Last we wrapped things up with a Kahoot to go over everything that we learned. My responsibility during the presentation was to help move the desk, draw classroom designs, and create agree or disagree questions. All in All, this was a wonderful learning experience.

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 Hi everyone, My name is Nailah, and I identify as she/her. I am born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and I am currently attending John Caroll as a freshman. I plan to get a degree in Early Childhood Education so that I can teach elementary students. I want to teach elementary students because I like that they have a lot of creativity in them. I believe I can show them a different way of learning that will keep them engaged and start their love for school at a young age. I also plan to get a business degree. I am going for a business degree because one day I would like to start a laundromat and a diner. I want to start a laundromat because it’s passive income. I also want to start a diner because I love to cook and make desserts. In my free time, I love to listen to old-school music. Mostly from the ’90s. I also love to watch shows such as The Flash. Last I love to do creative writing. For example, I like writing comic books and poems.

  When I’m in a classroom something that makes me feel comfortable is knowing that I’m not being judged and that everyone has a clear and open mind. I feel it’s very important because it allows people to answer with a free and open mind. 

As a student, I have always loved to learn therefore I have always loved school. One of the most prominent moments in my high school career was Covid. It showed me how important in-person learning was.